Does RGV’s System Put Players At A Disadvantage In Terms Of Scouting?

The skilled group of writers over at are in the process of celebrating “D-League Week”, with their typical thoughtful and in-depth coverage. To little surprise, Rio Grande Valley and it’s “system” were recognized, but is RGV’s “Amazing Pace” really that amazing for the future of it’s players? Let it be known, I enjoy watching RGV’s “system” as much as

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The Alan Anderson “Do You Remember Me?” Team

The D-League is a place where many second round and undrafted players have a place to shine, somewhere that struggling players can turn their dreams into realities Some people may remember Alan Anderson, the MVP (voted by teammates) of Michigan State’s 2005 Final Four team. He is a perfect example of what the D-League can do for players. Here is

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