NBA D-League Needs To Find Balance With 2015-16 Schedule

What would you say if every NBA team didn’t play one another during the regular season? That’s exactly what happened with the D-League schedule last season. As the NBA Development League prepares to reveal the regular season schedule next week, D-League Digest reviewed the 2014-15 schedule to see how many teams didn’t play one another. While it’s reasonable to think

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The Alan Anderson “Do You Remember Me?” Team

The D-League is a place where many second round and undrafted players have a place to shine, somewhere that struggling players can turn their dreams into realities Some people may remember Alan Anderson, the MVP (voted by teammates) of Michigan State’s 2005 Final Four team. He is a perfect example of what the D-League can do for players. Here is

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5 Possible Rookies in D-League

Every year in the NBA draft there are players selected that aren’t quite ready to contribute to NBA teams. The primary reason for the D-League is to turn potential into NBA playing time. Linsanity was truly remarkable and one of the best things to happen to the D-League in its brief 11 year history. It gave the league huge publicity.

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