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Should High School Prospects Be Allowed to Jump Straight to the D-League?

In the fall of 2009, five-star high school recruit Latavious Williams made history by being the first player to go straight from high school into the NBA D-League. Williams originally committed to play with the Memphis Tigers and recently hired head coach Josh Pastner, but he struggled to qualify academically and decided to back out of college altogether to play

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10 Reasons to Follow the D-League This Season

Winning lottery combinations, the weather, the apocalypse. They’re all difficult to predict. Sports, in general, are difficult unpredictable. It’s the old “on any given day, Team A can defeat Team B” way of thinking, and it’s one of the biggest reasons people love to watch sports and root for the underdog. But few leagues can rival the unpredictability of the

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10 Players Who Could Benefit from a D-League Assignment This Season

Projecting which first- and second-year players will get assigned to the D-League in the upcoming season is tough. There are a lot of different factors to consider on both the player and team side. If the team doesn’t see the value in utilizing the D-League as a development tool—and their are indications that several franchises still feel that way—they’re not

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