Fantasy Call-Up Challenge




D-League Digest, in partnership with former Editor Gino Pilato, are excited to announce a brand new project, the Fantasy Call-Up Challenge.

How does it work?

Participants select three NBA D-League prospects per week who they think will be selected as potential NBADL Call-Ups. If a chosen player is selected, that person earns points for that Call-Up which will go towards their accumulative total to be concluded at the end of the season to determine the overall winner.

Points are earned as you select correct players that earn Call-Ups. As the season moves along you accumulate points by your correct Call-Up selections. Winner is the person who has the most points at the end of the season based off them predicting the correct amount of Call-Ups.

To maintain intrigue, a post NBADL Showcase champion will be crowned as well.

Each person who registers has a user name, that will be their alias for the Call-Up game. They will be responsible for submitting up to 3 players each week beginning on Tuesday, Noon PST. Once the timeline passes you are not allowed to switch your picks. Whomever is submitted is locked in as your picks until the following Tuesday’s deadline. If you do not update your selections, then you will keep those from the previous week.


Each Call-Up predicted correctly is worth three (3) points. Your player must earn their Call-Up during the week you select them for your points to be accounted for. For example if you chose Vander Blue for the week 12/5 – 12/12 and he earns a Call-Up in that time period you will receive 3 points to accumulative total. If he does earn a Call-Up outside of that particular week and you do not declare him as a choice you will earn zero points.

10-day contracts will be scored slightly differently. The first 10-day contract with a team will be worth the standard 3 points. Second 10-day contracts with a single team or contracts for the remainder of the year will be worth 1.5 points instead.

If none of your choices earn Call-Ups than you will earn zero points for the week and have another shot at selecting different prospects the following week.

How do I stay updated on the rankings?

You can follow @CallupChallenge on Twitter for friendly reminders of deadlines as well as updated standings.

How do I sign up?

Please email with your username and the 3 player names you want to select for the week. Your picks will need to be submitted by each Tuesday, Noon PST. The picks will be posted along with the standings on our Call-Up Challenge page here at D-League Digest. Good luck!