About the Blog
Steve Weinman launched D-League Digest on November 27, 2009 as part of the ESPN TrueHoop Network. D-League Digest focuses primarily on coverage of the NBA Development League, although it branches out occasionally to touch on related issues in the NBA, including the NBA Draft and Summer League, NCAA, and basketball in general. After more than seven months as the lead writer, Weinman stepped down from his position at D-League Digest on July 2, 2010, to take a job with the NBA. Before departing, Weinman named Matt Hubert, who began contributing to D-League Digest in February of 2010, as his successor as lead writer and maintainer of the site.

Now the site is operated by Gino Pilato, a former D-League Digest writer, who recently took over the site after a stint at SB Nation’s RidiculousUpside.com. Pilato looks to keep D-League Digest as one of the premier NBA D-League blogs on the web, by exploring unique and fresh topics weekly.

About the Bloggers

Gino Pilato, Lead Writer


Gino Pilato lives in Boise, Idaho, home of the Idaho Stampede in the NBA Development League. After following basketball all of his life, Pilato discovered the NBADL when he moved to Boise after finishing college at Southern Oregon University.

Now, Pilato can be found at nearly every Idaho Stampede home game, where he catches live NBADL action throughout the season. It is a tremendous opportunity to watch a majority of the league’s teams up close and personal. Pilato has also been fortunate enough to make trips out to the NBADL Showcase, and NBA Summer League, which he plans on continuing to do.


About the Logo

D-League Digest LogoThe D-League Digest logo is composed of the acronym D-L-D and features letters modified to look like arrows. The arrows represent the player movement to and from the NBA (via call-ups and assignments) as well as the flow of information to and from D-League Digest (via comments and emails, blog posts and tweets).

The color scheme of (from left to right) blue, white, and red duplicates the color scheme used in the official logo of the NBA Development League. The official web-ready RGB hexadecimal color palette of the D-League Digest logo and dleaguedigest.com consists of the following colors:


Blue: #0146ad
White: #ffffff
Red: #d0103a
Gray 1 (light): #ababab
Gray 2 (dark): #333333
Black: #000000