D-League Digest On The Move

Updated: June 19, 2017

As editor of D-League Digest the past two seasons, I’ve been blessed with incredible opportunities to interview players, coaches, executives, and more. It’s been a fun journey, but one that requires a detour as the league changes its own direction.

Beginning with the 2017-18 season, the D-League will be known as the NBA Gatorade League (G League), courtesy of a branding deal, promoting the sports energy drink as the title sponsor.

Thus, it felt necessary to take D-League Digest in a slightly new direction.

I am excited to announce for the 2017-18 season, I will be partnering with Chris Reichert to form our own independent website covering the G League.

Chris is a valuable and respected journalist who has covered the league for the past three seasons. I am proud to team up with him moving forward and create content for those who have been longtime fans of the league, as well as those who are just recently jumping onboard.

What does this mean for D-League Digest?

All the existing content from D-League Digest will be migrated to our new site, so that over 1,000 posts will remain alive as a record of D-League history moving forward.

So now what?

We are excited to announce our new site will go live in one week on June 26. Our goal is to provide fresh, exciting content with in-depth analysis and insight that won’t be found anywhere else.

Our Twitter handle will also be changing to reflect the new website as well.

I am grateful for what D-League Digest offered over the course of its history, but with the new direction of the league it only made sense to take this direction ourselves.

I’d like to thank all the former editors of D-League Digest, (Steve Weinman, Matt Hubert, and Gino Pilato) for their hard work building the site over the years. Without their devotion to the site, it nor I would be where we are today.

Stay tuned for more information as the new site goes live next week.

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