D-League Digest Name To Remain The Same

Updated: February 14, 2017

I’ve been flooded with questions this morning about the NBA Gatorade League story, (or “G-League” for short). But there are some things that need to be cleared up first and foremost.

D-League Digest will not undergo a re-brand like the NBADL to accommodate their new title sponsorship. Development should come first when it comes to covering the D-League, and it appears that the NBA has put a back seat to that notion for the sake of a name change and a few extra dollars in their pocket.

Second, what does this mean for player salaries? I honestly have no idea. With the new NBA television revenue pouring in, as well as this new re-brand, there really are no excuses at this point for the NBA to not increase salaries.

And no, the NBA did not increase D-League salaries this past season. They merely eliminated the “C” salaries ($13,000) and replaced it with more “B” salaries ($19,000). That is not a true raise.

One would hope that with increased revenue streams that players would benefit from salary increases. After all, they will be walking billboards for the NBA at this point, promoting their product with each reference to G-League.

Instead, the league is promoting players will be offered custom nutritional plans as part of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

These players, paid a paltry sum, now become lab rats for Gatorade to improve their products yet don’t receive any incentive otherwise.

Athletes take care of their body. It’s not as if the D-League is full of fat, out-of-shape players that need the GSSI in order to improve their quality of play.

To be fair though, teams do offer players free housing while playing in the D-League. Players are also provided health insurance as well as a meal per diem each day players are on the road.

There is no excuse for the NBA to play its players appropriately. It is a BILLION dollar business and a pay increase for players would be a mere drop in the bucket for them.

There are 10 active players on D-League rosters. If each player was offered $100,000, it would cost the NBA $30 million once the league has 30 teams. Even if they offered $50,000 salaries it would cost $15 million.

It’s easy for me to tell the NBA where to put its money, and I understand that. But what else is there to say at this point? The NBA has sold out for the sake of business, and without recourse for its players, the league has decided development is far less important to its brand than the almighty dollar.

D-League Digest will remain as is. If not for those players who eventually earn call-ups and receive an NBA salary, but for the majority of players who develop their game and end up with a lucrative contract overseas.

Or, you know, the NBA could raise salaries and not force players to find work elsewhere across the globe. Just a thought.

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