NBA D-League prepared to rebrand as G-League

Updated: February 13, 2017

UPDATE: The NBA Development League is expected to announce their new partnership on Tuesday.

From the NBDL, to the NBADL, now the NBAGL? The NBA Development League will undergo a re-branding for the 2017-18 season and be known as the Gatorade League, (or G-League for short), a league source tells D-League Digest. The move was first reported by

Gatorade will become a title sponsor according to the report from E. J. Schulz. They are already the call-up sponsor for the NBA Development League.

A “WhoIs” search shows the domain name, registered by CSC Corporate Domains Inc., the same registrar that maintains The domain was registered just last week on Feb. 8.

There are many implications for such a move. First, the D-League always had a negative connotation surrounding it, with the “D” often assumed to be a demotion of sorts for players. The NBADL has grown beyond that stigma, yet with casual fans, it still is often looked as such.

This new branding would, hopefully, allow the league to move beyond the naming issues since its inception in 2001, to a different, more unique name of sorts.

Secondly, having a title sponsor is huge for the league. Any new revenue streams will only benefit the growth of the NBADL and perhaps allow the league to once-and-for-all increase salaries to a substantial amount, allowing the league to attract top-tier talent from across the globe.

While it will certainly be difficult to adjust to the G-League (many still use the old NBDL acronym), any financial gain the D-League executives can bring to the table will only help the league continue to grow as it reaches a full, 30-team partnership with the NBA.

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