NBA D-League Announces Raptors 905 To Host Showcase

Updated: November 11, 2016

This season, the 2017 D-League Showcase will head up north, to Canada more specifically, and it’s not pretty.

Originally reported by Scott Howard-Cooper of months ago, the D-League announced today the Raptors 905 would host the five-day event.

While it was speculated with the release of the D-League schedule that the Showcase would be an opportunity for every team to play one another this season, that is simply not the case.

Teams play two games at the Showcase, but neither game will fill the gap in the schedule. The D-League had the Iguodala layup in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, only to pull a LeBron chasedown block off the glass on themselves.

Here is the complete schedule courtesy of the NBA D-League.

showcase-scheduleAnother point on this schedule, there is no inter-conference games. Both Western and Eastern Conferences stick to their own sides.

As the D-League grows, the league will need more space to accommodate all the new teams. It was reported originally the need for multiple courts so games could be played simultaneously or side-by-side, something the Hershey Centre affords teams.

However, looking at the schedule, there are no games that are played simultaneously or that overlap one another. Which raises the question, why move the event if the facilities aren’t being utilized?

One of the benefits of having two courts could also push the schedule later in the day so that teams don’t have to tip-off at 10:00AM, as is customary with the Showcase (there is a reprieve on Thursday Jan. 19, though it would make more sense for this to take place on the first day of the Showcase as people travel to the event). Instead, teams will be tipping off at 8:30PM (not a typo) to close out four of the five days. With a second court, the D-League could reduce the event by a single day and lower travel costs for the team in the process.

Also, despite being a five-day event, there are teams that are scheduled to play back-to-backs at the event. When players, (a majority of which won’t find themselves in the NBA) are being scouted by overseas teams for that next payday, they’d prefer to be provided the best opportunity to perform and succeed. A back-to-back doesn’t help.

There are those, however, who do prefer a back-to-back as opposed to have a two-or-more day layover between games, so there is that to consider.

Five teams in total have back-to-backs scheduled over the course of the Showcase. (Windy City Bulls, Iowa Energy, Los Angeles D-Fenders, Long Island Nets, Texas Legends)

So to recap, the event is moving from California to Canada, is not utilizing the dual facilities as initially reported, multiple teams will be playing back-to-backs and no gaps in the regular season schedule will be filled.


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