How Many Technical Fouls Can Jerry Stackhouse Buy For $1000?

Updated: September 17, 2016

Last week at the team’s open tryout, newly named Raptors 905 head coach Jerry Stackhouse told the media he was setting aside a generous amount of money for potential technical fouls coming his way.

Obviously a tongue-in-cheek comment, but just how far would $1000 go in D-League land?

According to a league source, the D-League has a fine structure when it comes to technical fouls and isn’t simply $50 per incident.

While the first four technical fouls are indeed $50 apiece, it increases from there.

No. Of TechnicalsFine Amount
1-4$50 each
5-8$100 each
9-12$150 each
13+$200 each

This table also applies to players. The league also sends a written warning to the player/coach, their agent as well as team personnel when they reach their ninth technical foul.

On the 13th technical, the coach/player is then suspended for a game. Every two technical fouls thereafter results in an additional game’s suspension.

Does suspension happen often? Very rarely, but believe it or not, former Iowa Energy head coach Bob Donewald Jr. was suspended for a game last season after receiving his 13th technical foul.

So, doing the math, 10 technical fouls will cost Stack $900 in total. If he intends on earning anymore, he’ll have to open up the wallet again.

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