Who Will Be The Next NBA D-League President? Here Are A Few Candidates…

Updated: August 13, 2014

Less than a month ago, it was announced that Dan Reed was stepping down as NBA D-League President after serving in the role for more than a decade. Reed left the league to pursue an opportunity with the social networking juggernaut Facebook.

DleagueDigest.com recently received comment from the league office stating “at this time there is no timetable on a decision.”

Despite a target date not being available, there has been talk about some worthy candidates for the open position. According to one anonymous NBA D-League team source, “the best candidate is Tommy Smith. He has run a team, been a special assistant to the Deputy Commissioner on some projects, and is loved and respected by all the team owners.”

Tommy Smith is currently the Director of Operations for the NBA D-League at the NBA, and is a name that has come up from multiple conversations which team sources have had with DleagueDigest.com since Reed’s departure.

However, a few more names have come up as well. In no particular order NBA D-League Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer Shawn Smith, NBA D-League Vice President of Basketball Operations and Player Personnel Chris Alpert, and Jerry Murphy, who works in Business Development for the NBA D-League.

Each one of the names mentioned above would be an in-house hire, and promotion, similar to how Reed was promoted from his duties of advising NBA teams on all business operations, including ticket sales, sponsorship development, customer retention, marketing, and analytics prior to becoming NBADL President.

Reed left a legacy behind, and helped build the league to an important position with regard to the NBA as a true minor league. Where will the next President come from? What sort of background will they have? Those questions may be answered soon, and the new head honcho might come from within if any of the candidates mentioned here make a push for the open position.


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