The Story Behind Henry (Formerly Bill) Walker’s Name Change

One of the larger questions surrounding the NBA D-League Showcase on day 2 was not who the next Call-Up will be, but why Bill Walker changed his name to Henry Walker?

Well, asked Walker about the change, and the laid back former NBA player commented, “It’s just about growing up, I never liked the name Billy and everybody called me that. My Mom even wondered why everyone called me Billy? I just wanted to get out of it. I’m growing up and getting older, and I just felt like it was time to drop that name.”

Walker scored 17 points in Sioux Falls’ final game at the Showcase, and realizes that NBA scouts are looking for signs of maturity from him.

“I need to show them (NBA scouts) some maturity. I used to be young and did some bonehead stuff, so showing everyone a level of maturity and some consistency is probably what I need to do.” Walker added.

At 26 years old, and with perhaps a new perspective on things, “Henry Walker” may soon grace an NBA roster sheet. If that were to happen, it would be the ultimate way for him to create a new identity…if that’s his goal.



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