Interview: Aquille Carr’s Thoughts On Entering The NBA D-League Draft And More

Updated: October 24, 2013

Just over a week ago, it was reported right here at, that YouTube basketball sensation Aquille Carr would be entering the 2013 NBA D-League draft according to his agent Johnny Foster.

Now that the news has settled in a bit, caught up with “The Crime Stopper”, as he prepares for the next leg in his basketball journey. The 20-year-old Carr seemed jubilant over the phone when speaking about his upcoming attempt at the NBA D-League, and after a summer that landed him in China at one point, the Baltimore native is ready to showcase his skills at the NBADL level.

According to NBA D-League team personnel currently preparing for the upcoming NBADL draft, Carr could be drafted in the top 25, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if Carr is drafted higher than some more talented players by a team owned by an NBA squad, simply to get a better look at him before next year’s draft.

Carr welcomed a series of questions in our conversation over the phone, and made it clear that his entrance into the NBA D-League draft is a result of a calculated decision. The NBA is his ultimate goal, and the showstopping, creative point guard is ready to utilize the NBADL in order to achieve that goal.

D-League Digest: How did you come up with the decision to enter the upcoming NBA D-League draft?

Aquille Carr: Well, when I started playing it obviously wasn’t on my mind, but when I found out that I was eligible to enter the D-League draft it was like a dream come true. I mean, to know that I can play professional basketball, and to know that I’m so close to the NBA is really an amazing thing to me.

DLD: Do you have any expectations regarding the NBA D-League?

Carr: Yeah, watching the league it really showed me that you can develop your game, and that there’s an opportunity for you to show others what you’re working on too. I really like that part of the league, so I’m looking forward to that.

DLD: The NBA D-League has been labeled a “grind” by others regarding the length of the season, travel, and accommodations. Are you prepared for that sort of setting?

Carr: For sure, I’m getting in great shape, and the game never stops for me. I’m going to keep working, and try to show the people how great of a player that I am. I’m ready to do this. I’m just ready for any opportunity, and whatever comes my way by making this decision. I don’t care what team I play for, I’m going to work hard.

DLD: In addition to the people that have seen you play live, you’ve been able to generate a large following online through YouTube and Twitter, will you look to continue your creativeness in those departments, and maybe even look to be a spokesman for the NBA D-League?

Carr: I would love to start a trend, and show others that you can get to the top through the D-League. At the end of the day all the internet stuff is fun, but I really hope that I can be a role model for others. I’m going to play my brand of basketball, and I want to show people that I’m coachable, a good teammate, and that I don’t have any bad karma for the locker room or anything like that. This will be a great opportunity for me, and I hope that I do start a trend.

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