Sioux Falls Skyforce Player Evaluation Report

Updated: December 4, 2012

Demetris Nichols F 6’8” 215 9-4-84 (28) Syracuse

Nichols is a Forward with a strong, wiry frame. He is a solid D-League starter with NBA experience, but lacks a true position. Nichols is primarily a wing man with an inconsistent jump shot from the elbow and wing area. He struggles with shot selection and drifts at times when shooting. He is very aggressive looking for his shot, with many shots coming on isolation plays or off one dribble. Nichols has no “go to” move in the post or post presence. Defensively, he needs work defending the post. He doesn’t fight hard through screens or establish early position in the post while defending. Nichols is athletic and an aggressive rebounder at times. Nichols would have to be a volume scorer to be able to overcome his weaknesses on the defensive end. He is a solid D-League starter, but doesn’t have a true NBA position based on his strengths and weaknesses.

Dan Coleman F 6’9” 225 2-13-85 (27) Minnesota

Coleman is a post player who physically resembles Alaa Abdelnaby or a shorter Tyson Chandler. He had a solid four-year career at Minnesota as a shot blocker and made the Skyforce club out of an open tryout. Coleman’s “go to” move is a hook shot in the paint with both the right and left hand. He gets good position at times in the paint; at other times he gets pushed out of position. He is at his strength when he initiates contact in the post. Coleman will also catch/turn/face/drive or catch off a curl at elbow, although he had little success with either one when I saw him. He is a solid defensive rebounder and has some shot-blocking skills. Coleman is just short of a 10-day contract guy, but a solid D-League guy. He needs to improve his ability to finish in the paint and establish good position on a consistent basis.

Jarvis Varnado F 6’10” 225 3-1-88 (24) Mississippi St.

Varnado is a post player who physically resembles the body type of Walter McCarty. He is an athletic shot blocker with raw offensive skills. Varnado was a second-round pick by Miami in 2010 and was waived by the Heat in training camp this fall. He doesn’t have a “go to” move and has little idea what to do with the ball in the post. Varnado did show some ability with his back to the basket of feeling the defense and spinning accordingly. He put up 21 points, 8 rebounds, and blocked 8 shot the night I saw him. Varnado needs to work harder to defend the post, fight for position and bump the receiver out of his comfort zone. Despite this, he is a solid offensive rebounder. Varnado is an energy player with shot blocking abilities but needs refinement of his offensive skills. I can see him getting NBA minutes down the road with improvement.

Andrew Goudelock G 6’3” 200 12-7-88 (24) Charleston

Goudelock is a shooting guard who physically resembles a taller Dana Barros. He’s a second-round pick from 2011 with the Lakers and a volume scorer. Goudelock is confident, shoots a lot, and is fundamentally sound. He showed some explosiveness in the open floor, which reminded me of Kerry Kittles. Goudelock also uses a floater in the paint successfully, similar to Sherman Douglas. He anticipates well on defense and works hard. Goudelock is a scorer who has a place in the NBA. He is better than a 10-day guy right now; should get a shot by someone early season.

Troy Hudson G 6’1” 178 3-13-76 (36) So. Illinois

Hudson is a veteran point guard with 11 years of NBA experience under him. He is a ball-control PG, facilitating the offense and serving as a real solid floor leader. Hudson showed the ability to hit a mid-range jumper and creates separation well to create his own shot. He also shot the three well, although it often came when plays broke down. Defensively, he does a solid job containing the ball and funneling the offense to one side of the floor. Hudson is a veteran who could fill a short-term need in the NBA, if needed.

Will Foster C 7’5” 260 3-7-88 (24) Gonzaga

Foster is a long Center with a light, wiry frame. He is a strong offensive rebounder with little offensive skills. Foster played 13 minutes the night I saw him. He struggled with the ball in the post – not sure what to do with the ball; showed no “go to” move. Foster got banged around a bit defending the post on the other side of the floor. He is active around the basket and someone who is in the right place at the right time … resulting in four offensive rebounds for offensive put-backs. I feel Foster is well worth following. He needs to add some bulk and develop his offensive game though.

Mike Davis G 6’9” 225 10-21-88 (24) Illinois

Davis is a small forward and a solid D-League role player. His “go to” move is a step-back move from the right block. Davis’ mid-range game is inconsistent in general though. He struggles defending the post against true post players, but held his own defending wing players. Davis has solid basketball instincts and moves well without the ball. Davis is a D-League role player and should be able to develop into a starter at some point.

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