D-Links: Monday Morning Digestibles

Updated: January 30, 2012

As the month of January winds down, things continue to heat up in the NBA Development League. Read the latest edition of D-Links for the latest stories concerning the D-League:

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  1. Lee Tao Dana

    February 27, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    Good stuff guys. I especially like Scott’s article ” The D-League needs a new name.”

    Besides a new name the D-League needs more coverage, more inside stuff. I’ve written a thing or two while working for the Stampede (now just a wanna be writer and shooting coach) and I’d like to see more scoops. I’d be happy to write a thing or two. Just offer me about the same as Adidas is going to pay D Rose, then we can have lunch, talk about it a little bit.

    Bball 4 Life,
    Lee Tao Dana

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